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Last change: August 9th 2021; clarification that the funds will not be lost even after 20th August

The Crypto App Team would like to announce that The Crypto App Wallet will be discontinued on August 20th, 2021. All other services within The Crypto App remain operational.

The users can still use all of the wallet features (buying, withdrawing, exchanging, receiving and sending cryptocurrency) but they should make sure to withdraw their funds to another wallet or cash out to their debit Mastercard before this date, as the wallet will not be accessible after August 20th, 2021. If for some reason you are not able to catch this deadline, our support team will assist you in retrieving your funds even after this date.

To withdraw funds either to another wallet or to Mastercard, users must open The Crypto App Wallet and perform one of the two options as described below.

The Crypto App Wallet
The Crypto App Wallet (main screen)


Option 1 – Withdraw funds to another wallet

  1. In the wallet screen, tap on “Send”.
  2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to send, provide the destination address and choose the amount.
The Crypto App Wallet (send to external wallet)
Sending cryptocurrency to an external wallet

Option 2 – Cash out to debit Mastercard

  1. In the wallet screen, tap on “Cash out”.
  2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to send, select your bank card and choose “Send all” or choose an amount.
  3. Click “Confirm”. We process and release the funds immediately, but it can take up to 5 business days for your bank to process the transaction.

The user shall have his/her bank card linked to the account. In case this is not already done, the following simple steps are required.

  1. Tap on “Add new card” and input card details. A small amount will be charged which will later be refunded automatically.
  2. In the subject of the transaction, you will see 4 random digits which you need to input in the app to finalize the card connection. The app will guide you through this whole process.
The Crypto App Wallet (withdrawal to Mastercard)
Withdrawing to Mastercard


Please note that with Option 2 some limits apply (e.g Visa is not supported). Read more about the limits in our help article.


The wallet service within The Crypto App is provided by Crypterium. By following the instructions in this post you can ensure the funds are transferred safely from The Crypto App Wallet to a new destination.

We look forward to advancing your user experience with all the other services available within The Crypto App!

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