Consensus Algorithms

The Main Types of Consensus Algorithms

Satoshi Nakamoto first highlighted the importance of consensus algorithms for blockchain networks, in the Bitcoin Whitepaper. Since then, thousands of...

What are DeFi Derivatives?

The DeFi ecosystem enables multiple use cases and is striving to become a direct and reliable solution for financial transactions. One of the primary DeFi use cases is the concept...
DeFi Derivatives

What is a Flash Loan?

The concept of Flash Loan has been a trending DeFi topic in 2021. DeFi provides great utilities for decentralized lending activities, since many protocols are developing innovative peer-to-peer solutions. Flash Loan...
flash loan
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impermanent loss

What is Impermanent Loss?

On the previous blog post, we have examined why users provide liquidity to Liquidity Pools in decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The...
liquidity pools

How do Liquidity Pools work?

Liquidity Pools is a breakthrough concept for the DeFi ecosystem. It is a fundamental tool for the operations of decentralized...

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