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Because we have a massive crypto-oriented audience always on the look-out for the hot latest news that can affect their trades – and we can bring them to your website.

For many of our users, we are their main source of news. They just open the app and see the news based on their filters. We also send out daily push notification news, but only to users who are subscribed (we don’t want to spam).

It’s a win-win situation.

By integrating your feed, we can offer a larger variety of news to our users so that they can also search and filter for coin-specific articles, which requires a large selection of news to produce good results.

By working with us, you receive a large number of new readers, which means your website and brand get more exposure. For many of the news publishers, we are actually the #1 source of readers. And the best thing? You don’t need to do anything additional except keep writing great articles.

It depends on the language. English news gets the most exposure. German is second and Russian is third, but all languages have substantial potential. You can count on 500 – 10,000 daily views (clicks on your articles, by each news publisher).

Of course, if your article gets selected for the daily push notification by our system, you can expect an additional huge amount of views: up to 10,000 for English; 2,000 – 5,000 for German and Russian; and up to 1,000 for other languages.

Even though English is our primary language, we have huge audiences who read the news in their native language. All of these language groups are big enough that it’s worth it and we will be adding new ones soon.

We accept news publishers for the following languages:


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