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The world we live in is advancing at an increasingly fast rate, showing no signs of slowing down. Same goes with the cryptocurrency world and with so much going on, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of information. While traditional stock exchanges are open during the day, crypto markets keep on going non-stop. The information the system produces can be vast and hard to comprehend. We took this global issue and engineered an app jam-packed full of features, which helps you filter out just enough information to be successful with your day-trading or simply to stay in the loop. After all, information is the new oil and to keep on the top of your game, you need to be properly informed. Made both for beginners and seasoned traders, The Crypto App offers an assortment of time-saving, customizable features that are both innovative, easy to use and always with you on your phone.

We actively monitor over 200 exchanges – this allows us to stay informed on 3000+ actively traded assets. We aspire to be the best by continuously adding new coins and exchanges as they come into the marketplace. Additionally, we keep listening to users needs and add features that empower them on a regular basis. This is why thousands of people open up our app each day.

Heat map showing active TCA users at 12:00 CET


Check out how we can help you:

  • Coin overview
    Monitor only the coins and exchanges that you’re interested in. We understand time is an invaluable commodity. With The Crypto App, you can personalize your app layout to perfection.
  • Widgets
    You can customize the home screen of your phone. Super handy for checking the price of your favorite coins/tokens at a glance.
  • Alerts
    Stop endlessly checking your phone! Set an alert for any Exchange or Coin and stay focused on the task at hand, yet ready to react to price movements. Alerts can be set on a global price average or be specific to an exchange, the choice is yours.
  • Advanced Charts
    Are you tired of boring simple charts? With The Crypto App, you can see the charts and indicators from 300+ exchanges. Perfect for day traders and traders looking to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. Currently, this feature is available on Android only. iOS will be supported soon.
  • Coin specific news
    Cut the crap and don’t drown in the information. We filter out only news which focus on your favorite coin(s). 

  • Search and Sort
    The name says it all! Arrange coins by specific parameters – Rank, Value, Name Alphabetically, Market Cap, Volume and Market Gains. All this in one place without ever leaving the app.


The Crypto App is approaching 1 million downloads and boasts a 4.7 average rating on Google Play Store from 30.000 reviewers. Thanks to our focus on functionality and usability, 60.000+ users open The Crypto App every day. This is indicating we are on the right way and are fulfilling your needs – and that’s why we’re here. Thank you!

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