How to fix ‘widgets not updating’ or ‘alerts not working’ (Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo)

If you are using a phone manufactured by Xiaomi, Oppo (OnePlus) or Vivo, such as Redmi, Mi, OnePlus One, or other models, there is a good chance the widgets from The Crypto App will not be updating automatically or even force refresh (tapping on the time label) will not be working. It could also happen that alerts are not delivered. The reason for this is these manufacturers make their own flavour of Android OS and they have implemented aggressive battery optimizations, which prohibit any non-whitelisted app to perform any kind of background work. This might be good for your battery, but it will break a lot of apps, The Crypto App included. We already strive to write the code in such a way that preserves the battery as much as possible and we provide users with settings to fine-tune between high performance and battery saving modes, such as widget update interval. We have no control over manufacturer specific battery optimizations, so here is how to fix it yourself.

Generally, you need to make sure that The Crypto App is not under any special battery optimization rule. Below are steps for various manufacturers known to break app behavior with unnecessary rules.


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If background services are stopped without any notification on the Android devices, they should be automatically started again by default. However, Autostart function of background services on the Xiaomi devices are set to off by default. Make sure that Autostart function is enabled:

  1. Open the Security menu
  2. Select Permissions

  3. Select Autostart

  4. Allow The Crypto App to autostart

That should do it! Also, sometimes it helps if you lock The Crypto App in task manager, so the cleaner will not kill it immediately. To do that, open Recents, swipe down on The Crypto App and click the lock icon. Here is an example with some random other app:


OnePlus (Oppo)

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Battery
  3. Select Battery Optimizations
  4. Set The Crypto App to “not optimized”

If that doesn’t help, and Advanced optimizations is enabled, disable it:

You can check this forum thread for more information.



For Vivo devices, check this nice tutorial:



So, you have reached the end of this tutorial. Hopefully the widgets and alarms will now be running normally and you can return to the crypto markets with The Crypto App!

If  you have found another way to make it work, or this doesn’t help, let us know at info at


P. S.: A lot of developers are facing the same issues with background work being terminated (sometimes battery saver apps do more harm than good) and thus apps not working correctly. If you are having problems with other apps too, or the above steps didn’t help, check out . The guys at TrueBalance outlined nicely what can be done by each phone manufacturer.